I'm Never Guilty About Pleasures
"Me? I'm a Rouxsician. I make Rouxsic. Sometimes I study psychology, sometimes I read comic books. I like to do lots of other things, too, but breathing is BY FAR my favorite."

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What you'll see here:
-Old Hollywood.
-BioShock & more BioShock
-Harley Quinn & other Batman things.
-Oh no I'm on the Night Vale bandwagon.
-Freddie Mercury & Queen.
-Matthew Bellamy & Muse.
-Cillian Murphy.
-Actual prince Armie Hammer.
-Jared Leto & the crystal clear cerulean pools he calls "eyes".
-Other celebrities I suddenly get a fleeting "thing" for.
-The ;A; face
-Terrible, terrible puns.
-RP things you probably won't care about.
-The occasional self promotion.

And much, much more!

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He hemorrhaged nearly continuously from his nose, naturally I was able to transfuse him from my own veins and thus avoid catastrophe.

Actual Rapture Records Blog


(I stumbled across this blog in the ‘Ink Spots’ tag, and I’m SO HAPPY ABOUT IT. Whoever runs it is doing a magnificent job of cataloging the various songs featured in the BioShock games. They’ve also added informative blurbs about the respective histories of each song and artist. And the THEME, jfc It’s awesome. Seriously, check it out.)

He got along with Ginger perfectly, and I get so mad hearing the same old baloney, because I never heard the two of them having one cross word. I do not think Eleanor Powell was Fred’s greatest dancing partner. I think Ginger Rogers was. Not that she was the greatest of the dancers. Cyd Charisse was a much finer technical dancer. But there was something when Fred and Ginger danced which was magic. They seemed to go together. - Hermes Pan

Judy Garland photographed on the set of A Star is Born by Dennis Stock, 1954.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014
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