I'm Never Guilty About Pleasures
"Me? I'm a Rouxsician. I make Rouxsic. Sometimes I study psychology, sometimes I read comic books. I like to do lots of other things, too, but breathing is BY FAR my favorite."

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What you'll see here:
-Old Hollywood.
-BioShock & more BioShock
-Harley Quinn & other Batman things.
-Oh no I'm on the Night Vale bandwagon.
-Freddie Mercury & Queen.
-Matthew Bellamy & Muse.
-Cillian Murphy.
-Actual prince Armie Hammer.
-Jared Leto & the crystal clear cerulean pools he calls "eyes".
-Other celebrities I suddenly get a fleeting "thing" for.
-The ;A; face
-Terrible, terrible puns.
-RP things you probably won't care about.
-The occasional self promotion.

And much, much more!

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West Virginia State Penitentiary
(One of the most haunted prisons in the U.S.)

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