I'm Never Guilty About Pleasures
"Me? I'm a Rouxsician. I make Rouxsic. Sometimes I study psychology, sometimes I read comic books. I like to do lots of other things, too, but breathing is BY FAR my favorite."

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What you'll see here:
-Old Hollywood.
-BioShock & more BioShock
-Outlast & lusting over Miles Upshur.
-Harley Quinn & other Batman things.
-Worship of The Outsider.
-Freddie Mercury & Queen.
-Matthew Bellamy & Muse.
-Cillian Murphy.
-Sebastian Stan.
-Other celebrities I suddenly get a fleeting "thing" for.
-A platonic, but very spiritual connection with Ian Somerhalder.
-The ;A; face
-Terrible, terrible puns.
-RP things you probably won't care about.
-The occasional self promotion.

And much, much more!

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"I’m Never Bored Being Me
A photo editing project

For those of you who don’t RP, this probably won’t mean a whole lot to you. But, to those who do, you’ll definitely understand. Over the passed year, I’ve made some of the most incredible friends through the tumblr RP community. Because I love them so much, and because I had a sudden bout of inspiration, I decided to take on this little project to display & promote not only their amazing characters, but also their beautiful, wonderful, real life personas. Whether a mod has few or many characters, it doesn’t matter. Each one is unique, and more importantly, an extension of the person who plays them.

The only reason I’mup there is because I needed to practice using the editing program ;A; I also take pride in my own characters, and am beyond happy to play them alongside these fantastic other mods.

Listed below are the character & personal blogs of the people included in the project. Give them a visit if you feel so inclined. I cannot stress how marvelous these people & blogs are, and I do hope you enjoy.

*Note: Not all characters have respective blogs. Some are RPed on other websites, and some only privately via chat applications. All characters are represented by each mod’s chosen faceclaims. Any at all artwork sampled is not mine, and belongs to either the mods themselves or a seperate third party.

R O U X (me)

  • Hector Rodriguez [x]
  • Eliza Russell [x]
  • Silas Cobb [x]
  • Harleen Quinzel [x]
  • Rodney Bishop [x]
  • Audrey St. Clare (1920’s Universe)
  • Roy Hutchinson
  • Audrey St. Clare (BioShock Universe)

I N D I E (x)

  • Daniel Wales [x]
  • Ms. Paint
  • Kitty Monroe [x]
  • "Slick"
  • Sander Cohen [x]
  • "Droog"
  • Schy Walker [x]

V I N C E 

  • J.S. Steinman [x]
  • Vinnie Barzini 
  • Jasper Perks
  • Roland Russell [x]
  • Silas Bates
  • Norman Blakeslee/Toasty [x]

K E L S E Y (x)

  • Guilia Lombardi [x]
  • Clement Darcy [x]
  • Harrison LeCaine [x]
  • Keldra Skyken [x]

M A D I (x)

  • Amaya
  • Sienna Drake
  • Christine “Chrissy” Taran [x]
  • Sirah Adelaide
  • Ava Tate [x]
  • Belle Irene

M E L (x)

  • Margaret [x]
  • Lyle [x]
  • Brigid Tenenbaum [x]
  • Abigail “Abby” Bishop [x]
  • Paparazzi [x]
  • Vanella
  • Dollie Carmicheal [x]
  • Alice Liddell [x]
  • Matt
  • Ashley “Ash” Hutchinson [x]
  • Sullivan [x]
  • Arthur

M I T C H (x)

  • Peter Young [x]
  • Leo “Tiger” Torres [x]
  • Yi Suchong [x]
  • Nick Carraway [x]
  • Norman Bates [x]
  • Charleston “Charles” Bailey [x]
  • Adrian Bailey [x]


L E S L I E (x)

  • Konstantin “Kostya” Razdelnikov [x]
  • Irina Shepard
  • Ada Bishop
  • Dahlia “Dolly” Price
  • Sander Cohen [x]
  • Tony Barbaro